Anyone can go directly to the resort websites and make a reservation. But why would you want to do that? For the same price, or maybe less, you can have an advocate on your side, making sure you get the best price and the best room choice. For the same money you have someone watching out for you to make sure your reservation is being handled correctly. Right Connections will also monitor your reservation to make sure any new promotion is applied to your booking. The resorts will NEVER call you and tell you the price for the reservation you have already booked is going down. Never!

Other Advantages

  • Multiple Visit Discounts
  • Last Minute Deals
  • Total Vacation Packages
  • Real Lifestyle Agents!
  • No International Credit Card Fees for US customers!
  • Knowledgeable Personalized Service – Live Human Beings!
  • Lowest Rates Guaranteed!
  • Preferred Room Placements
  • Free Airport Transfers for (5) nights or more!
  • REWARDS POINTS $$ – Each trip earns you cash discounts!

Yes … many times we have reservation cancellations. These reservations generally have deposits on them. If you can travel at the last minute, we can change the names on canceled reservations and give you the deposit already paid on the reservation. Sometimes this can be a huge savings!

Right Connections will offer you transfers from the airport to the resort if needed. Some couples rents cars, but there really is no need for that. We can arrange your safe and reliable transportation from the airport directly to the resort.

Right Connections charges you only $200 as a deposit for most reservations. This way you can hold the perfect dates for you earlier in the year before they are all taken, but not hold a lot of your money in this economic slow-down. Some group trips and cruises have different deposit requirements. Travel within 30 days of arrival is due and payable in full at the time of reservation.

Right Connections operates a Real-Time Booking Engine. When new promotions are extended by the resorts that would offer you a savings on your reservation, your rate would be automatically adjusted to the lower rate. Never will you be penalized for making your reservation early!

Absolutely we have visited and inspected all of the resorts we sell. We also escort large groups to the resorts on numerous occasions, so we are intimately familiar with the resorts. The resorts are very safe and all have a private security force. Of course there can be crime everywhere, even where you live, but you will be taken directly from the airport to the resort so there is very little chance of interacting with anyone outside the resort.

Generally the active age range is 35-55 years of age. Yes there are older and younger couples, but the mass of couples is in the 35-55 age range. The resorts are attended by three groups of couples. 1 – Couples that desire a sensual atmosphere where they can vacation from the kids and have some sexy adult fun. This would include playful touching that would get you escorted out of a mainstream resort. Some couples are there to be around the sexually charged atmosphere, watch other couples and go back to their rooms all energized, while other couples are there to perform in from of other couples as their excitement. 2 – Clothing-Optional Couples. Different than a “Nudist Resort,” clothing-optional resorts off the option to wear clothes, or not wear clothes. This is perfect for couples that may not want to be totally naked, or couples where one party likes to be naked, but the other party is not comfortable being naked. 3 – Lifestyle Couples attend the resorts to socialize and play with other like-minded adults. This can be just about any stage of play you can think of from touching, oral, or full sexual interaction. Whatever feels right … is right at these resorts!

The rules in each country may slightly differ, but the rule of thumb is “no public sex.” Is this rule enforced … absolutely not! There are always places at the resorts where public sex is “overlooked” by the management. Some resorts even provide special “play rooms” for couples to play in, watch in, or exhibit their talents in. After all, it is all in the interest of fun and all consensual. If you are offended by open sexuality, it is pretty easy to just avoid these special areas and you will never see anything offensive to you. For those of you looking to expand the limits of your sexuality, this is the perfect venue to start exploring!

Travel Insurance is HIGHLY recommended for all travelers! Every year many couples loose a lot of money because they failed to protect this vacation investment. Generally for under $100 you can protect your vacation. Price can change by age and amount of the total trip, but almost always worth the price of the protection. We have one company that offers “for any reason” insurance. This is really special because the coverage is over and above the normal sickness and weather related cancellations. It covers you for something that may happen at work or with another friend or family member. Insurance coverage is available by Clicking Here


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