travel insurance

Why do I need Travel Insurance? Many that booked trips to Cancun for arrival in early 2006 had no idea a hurricane would wipe out the resort in October of 2005. Who would have thought your January/February trip would be canceled because of occurrences in the past fall?

Hurricanes are not the resorts fault… they are “Acts of God,” and they are not responsible to refund your reservation money… nor is your Travel Agency responsible for the cost of your vacation if something goes wrong. In fact, in most states it would be illegal for a Travel Agent to sell insurance as the actual insurance company without being licensed as an insurance company!

It is YOUR responsibility as the traveler to protect your investment against unforeseen circumstances. This is very much the same as buying automobile and life insurance to cover you for causalities.

Some Travel Insurance companies will even sell you “No Matter What” or “Cancel For Any Reason” policy for a slightly higher price and coverage’s up to 75% of the total trip! Imagine that, you wake up and just don’t feel good… or you have a work-related emergency that is not covered under the average travel policy. This is the best protection you can buy!

With that said… we highly suggest you purchase Travel Insurance to cover your investment in this great vacation of your. Sure you can save some bucks and not buy the coverage, but don’t expect the resorts or the Travel Agency to cover you loss if your trip is canceled for some unforeseen circumstance.